Our Equipment

  • All of our Employees and Owner Operators drive late model equipment
  • All of our Air Ride Flatbeds are 48’ in Length and 102" in Width
  • All of our Air Ride Conestoga Flatbeds are 48’ in Length,
    102’ in Width and 97’ in the Interior
  • All of our Dump Trailers are 40’ in Length and are 66"-72" in Height
  • All Dump Trailers have Coal Shutes and Swing Doors
  • All End Dumps are Frameless Trailers
  • All Pnematic Trailers are equipped with Blower Systems and are 1040 Cubic Feet
  • All Drivers have cell phones for 24 hour contact
  • Please visit our "Gallery" to see pictures of our equipment

Tumbleweed Equipment 2018

Maryland Trucking Company

Tumble Weed Express Equipment 2019

Tumbleweed Express Equpiment